Kevin // Southern California // 18
College Freshhy // Neuro Major
Snowboarder // Wanderlust


Anonymous asked: neuro major AND snowboarder? omfg *cums*

Hahaahaha *fuck*

Anonymous asked: who are some guys and girls you follow on here you find attractive

uhhh.. mmmm.. not much really

no guys on here i find attractive.. but i only find olly alexander attractive..

girls. um.. idk i’d feel awk pointing them out

i bought the fluffies again, exchanged for another color. agh

iwillreignite said: SHAVE IT UP!

jesus if you’re in a hurry, then shave it for me. 

Anonymous asked: are you famous on here?

tumblr is a dirty network to be fame on. 

Anonymous asked: what qualities do you look for in both genders

I don’t look for anything, it’s harder if you look rather than just letting things get to you. although, i go mainly for the personality, someone i can click with.. looks are a bonus plus.

Anonymous asked: wanna hangout rn?

i’m down. where u at home boy.

Anonymous asked: ill shave it up for you

nah, i have to do it myself.. or else you’ll tickle me and you’ll end up shaving something else. 

iwillreignite said: holy shit i just googled it, DO IT

got it! shipping tomorrow.