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Hey everyone! This is my 1,000 follower giveaway :D I wanted to give back since you guys are so awesome!
What you can win:
Basically I will make you anything you want, a 3D cuff, or a mask, or a necklace, or singles, or perlers, really anything :) (The images above are just pics of kandi I have made in the past as to give you an idea of what I can make. The only stipulation is that it is not an exact replica of any kandi since I believe in each piece of kandi being unique and special :D
How to enter:
-Must be following me (since it’s a follower giveaway after all)
-1 Reblog = 1 Entry (can enter as many times as you want, just don’t bother your followers)
Winner will be randomly selected on Aug 1. Good luck everyone and keep spreading the PLUR <3

I’ll be picking the winner at 9 pm so that’s when I’ll close it :)))
Get ur last minute entries in.
Maybe there will be extra goodies for the winner :P
Good luck you guys and I can’t wait to make someone some custom kandi!!!!

Cosmic gate at beyond wonderland


One thing I got to get off my chest. Why does a girl accept to be smoked up by a guy? Then reject him? I know a lot of you have probably done this. Not saying it happened to me recently but just curious. You know he might be interested, why you wasting his money? Yet they get mad when you lead them on.



That’s dumb as shit. So if a girl doesn’t want to hook up with you, she’s “wasting your money?” Why can’t guys be interested in hanging out with a girl without the sole intention of getting into her pants? Girls are more than just a warm wet hole for your dick. And if you really don’t want to smoke her up, have her bring some of her own shit so it’s “fair.”


So what if she accepts the gifts? So what if they call her beautiful? Not saying it’s perfectly fine, but you can’t control other people. Who the hell is she to say no if they’re throwing things at her? As long as she’s staying faithful to her man why does anything else even matter? Who are we to say no to anything given to us willingly? I don’t see one thing mentioning the girl hounding the guy for said free objects. You are all just dumb as hell if you honestly think asking a girl to smoke will automatically give you a shoe-in to get laid. Asking a girl to smoke is asking a girl to smoke; stop with the between the lines garbage. If you want to fuck dont ask her to smoke; dont ask her if she wants you to buy her things; dont tell her shes beautiful; if you want to fuck, ask her to fuck. I don’t understand why this is so hard for some guys. You guys all bitch and moan about how you cant understand girls and how you have to always decode us… uh hello maybe if you all cut out the indirect between the lines assumption bullshit it would turn out a lot better for you.

By the way, anyone down to smoke? I’ll throw down. ॐ



This is perfect. So perfect